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Awarded Top 50 in the Country by GRAA!

Duran offers a facility unlike anything on the Space Coast. One of the most unique features of Duran Golf Club is our 30-acre golf Development Center, a World Class facility that is among the best in the state of Florida. We developed this center as a location for golfers of all skill levels to come and develop their golf skills. Whether your goals are to learn the game, get exercise and fresh air, spend quality time with the kids, preparing for your next golf tournament, or to just have fun, the Development Center is perfect for you.

Our practice range offers massive teeing areas at both ends of the practice facility. The main tee located at the South end of the facility is dedicated for warm-ups and individual practice sessions. The North tee is dedicated for schools, lessons and instruction. The practice tee area is expansive….100 yards wide and 40 yards deep offering quality practice conditions every time you come to practice.

You will hit off all-natural Bermuda turf, not mats. You will experience realistic golf course target conditions with seven target greens guarded by coquina bunkers. Yardage signs located on the tees are lasered daily to offer exact yardage to targets. And for those of you that prefer to practice in the later hours of the day due to heat or work, our facility is fully illuminated so you can practice and play until 9:00pm nightly.

We offer mounded areas to hit balls where you can deal with those tricky downhill, uphill, and sidehill lies, along with an area cut to rough height to practice those tough, heavy grass lies you’ll find out on the course.

A great short-game practice area: We offer a 10,000 square-foot TifEagle putting green. Large enough to be able to move around without bumping into other golfers. Our 7,000 square-foot TifEagle pitching green allows you to work on that short game and make practice shots from up to 70 yards away. An expansive sand bunker that can accommodate up to 12 golfers for greenside or fairway bunker shots, just perfect for working on your sand saves.

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**NOTE:  Last bucket of range balls is sold at 8:00 pm.

And of course, our unique Duran Par 3 course.  Click here to learn about the Par 3 Course!