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Trick or Treat Sponsor Fee 2021



Set up will begin at 4:30pm

Please be ready by 5:45pm

Event will begin at 6:00pm


You will be responsible to bring your own table, chairs and tent and decor.

You will be responsible to bring your own candy/treats.

Any treats you pass out must be individually wrapped and store bought.

Please be cautious of food allergies (i.e. peanuts) 

You are encouraged to give away business related promotional items, coupons or literature.

There will not be a power source available at your station.

At our 2020 event, we had about ~750 children attend.

You are strongly encouraged to decorate your treat station.

You will operate your treat station until 9pm. All decorations and tables and chairs must be packed up the same night at the end of the event.

In case of bad weather (rain/tropical storm/hurricane) we will cancel our event and refund your sponsorship.