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Birthday Party


$150 + tax includes:

  • 10 guests + birthday child
  • 1 round of Smash Golf or Foot Golf with equipment
  • 2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas
  • 11 soft drinks or 11 bottles of water
  • Bounceback Coupon for Birthday Child
  • Use of Pavilion at Development Center

Add Ons:

Additional Pizza $12.95

Additional Soft Drink $2

Additional Guest $10

Additional Round $5

Foot Golf Birthday Party Information

Waivers are required for each player
Download the waiver HERE
(waivers must be brought on day of event for each player)

Players will have tee times and go out in groups of 4

Please be mindful of other players at the Development Center

No Golf Carts


How long does 1 round take to play?

1 round takes an average of 1 hour - 1.5 hours

What should we wear?

Appropriate attire includes sneakers, shorts, t shirt. No cleats!

Do parents have to play?

Parents are not required to play, however, for groups under the age of 13,we will require parental supervision on the course.

Can I bring any of my own food?

You may bring a cake/cupcakes/cookies/fruit

Can I decorate the tables?

Yes. You may bring balloons, table cloths, etc. Please no confetti or pinatas. Setup / Cleanup will be the guests responsibility.

Can I order additional pizza and drinks?

Yes. Please provide 24 hr notice of any additional food orders

When can we play?

Weekdays 1pm - 9pm (the last kick off time is 7:30pm)

Weekends 9am - 9pm (the last kick off time is 7:30pm)

Birthday Party Booking Policy

Interested in booking a birthday party?

Please contact Nicole Latner at NGL@durangolf.com or
via phone at 321-504-7776 x 7300

Payment required 2 days in advance

Cancellation requires 48hr notice

x $10.00 = $0.00
x $12.95 = $0.00
x $2.00 = $0.00
x $5.00 = $0.00