Duran Golf Club

Adult Golf Academy

The Duran Academy of Golf is a comprehensive instructional and coaching program dedicated to golfers that are passionate about getting the most out of their golf game- whether that be lowering your score, correcting a fault, or just helping you to enjoy the game a little more.

Duran has a full-time staff of PGA Instructors who offer several opportunities that will help you fulfill your goals. From one-on-one individual lessons and group sessions to clinics paired with state-of-the-art technology to help every level of golfer achieve their goals. We offer high-tech video swing analysis with each lesson and use of state of the art tools like Trackman, Capto, Hackmotion and more.

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Junior Golf Academy

Duran Academy of Golf’s Junior Program is geared towards the long-term development of each individual junior golfer using a “learn to play” approach. We have program options that can cater to all ages of all levels. Each program description below will highlight which program may fit your junior golfer and their goals.

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Junior Golf Mission Statement

Our mission at Duran Golf club is to give every child an opportunity to experience and enjoy the game of golf by breaking down any barriers that may be in the way. We have adopted the slogan of “Accessibility and Affordability” for junior golf.

From Director of Instruction, Justin Blazer: “My experience with golf as a kid is what formed my philosophy and why I feel more kids are not playing golf. Therefore, a personal mission of mine is to not let that keep any kid away from this great game and break the stereotype of golf being an expensive sport.”

Therefore, we have US Kids Golf Clubs for any student (free of charge) that signs up for our programs or lessons to ensure they are learning with the proper equipment.

Our unique programs allow any player from any level and age to jump right in and participate.

For more information on Academy activities, call us at Call Duran Golf Club for information on our Academy of Golf at(321) 504-7776, ext. 7460.