Duran Golf Club

Duran’s State-of-the-Art Development Center

Awarded Top 50 in the USA by Golf Range Association of America!

Duran offers a golfing experience unlike anything on the Space Coast.  One of the most unique features of the Duran Golf Club is our 30-acre golf Development Center, a World Class facility that is among the best in the USA.  This aspect of our facility was developed as a location for golfers of all skill levels to develop their golf skills.  Wheather your goals are to learn the game, get exercise and fresh air, spend quality time with the family, preparing for your next golf tournament, or just have fun, the Duran Development Center is perfect for you.

Our expansive practice range offers teeing areas at both ends of the practice facility.  The main tee located at the South end of the facility is dedicated for warm-ups and individual practice sessions.  The North tee is dedicated for schools, instruction and Duran Signature Members.  The tees are grassed with 419 Bermuda, along with artificial mats which are utilized minimally to help guarantee quality grass conditions year round.

You will experience realistic golf course target conditions with seven target greens guarded by coquina bunkers.  Yardage signs located on the tees are measured daily to offer exact yardage to targets.  And for those of you that prefer to practice in the later hours of the day due to heat or work, our facility is fully illuminated so you can practice and at night! 

The Duran Academy of golf offers full time staff of PGA/LPGA accredited instructors to help you learn or improve specific aspect of your game, both with individual instruction or with group settings.  The junior programs are the most respected in the county.

Click here to visit our Book a Lesson with our staff, or to request more information about instruction at Duran.  You can also call us at (321) 504-7776, ext. 7460.